1. Out now, check out those remixes, they’re great!!

  2. For those of you using Ableton Live, turn your iPad into Ableton Push, it’s pretty cool! Bit on the expensive side though, but cheaper than the hardware for sure!

  3. The guys from Mixed in Key made a new DJ program, looks nice with the segmented mixing stuff. There seem to be a few buts however, one main one being that it doesn’t seem possible to output both decks to a mixer individually. It does looks promising so keep a look out! 

  4. Previews for the Kxy single including remixes by Tiger Rose and Jaksa Pavicevic!

  5. Coolness! Make your own touch midi controller out of everything, with touch board!

  6. So you are a vinyl junky? Cassette tapes are still alive and kicking as well, and now there is a documentary about them, cool!

  7. One of the best demo video’s I’ve seen this year :) 

  8. Autumn Electronica Mixtape

    Making mix tapes is back! You probably know all this but I just came across the site 8tracks.com where you can make an old school mixtape. It searches for your music on sound cloud but you can also upload it if you’d like. 

    Check out this moody autumn electronica mixtape with some old and new stuff!

  9. Cool feature about “La Machine Du Moulin Rouge” a club I played in some time ago, was an amazing night and great club! Be sure to check it out if you are in Paris!


    So, you’re probably listening to some music right now while reading this post. I have some nice stuff up on Soundcloud if you’re not, but do you know how it works? 

    Converting digital audio to analog and vice versa is always a hot topic with musicians, engineers and audiophiles. Some discussions flare up to intense heat, all the while basing their conclusions on digital audio myths. 

    Some time ago I found this video that explains AD/DA conversion in a very easy going matter, plus you get +5 on your geek meter if you watch it in full!

  11. Making freaky bineural jingles for my silent disco gig at Into The Woods festival

    Making freaky bineural jingles for my silent disco gig at Into The Woods festival

  12. Amazing remixes by Cid Inc and Timo Chinala! Will be out on Manual Music on the 8th of July!

  13. musicalism-fm:

    Ron Flatter - Mantequilla

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  14. Time to expand my monosynth collection I’m afraid… #G.A.S.

  15. Fresh cut grass + Tiger

    Fresh cut grass + Tiger


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